March 19th, 2009

8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

This post is more for new Mac users, or Mac users who’ve not tried any Mail plugins before and would like to explore better use of Mac OS X native Mail application. Here are 6 of the best Mail plugins I can’t live without.

1 – Mail Act-On 2 ($24.95)


mail act on thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

If you’re an organized Mail user, you’ll most likely have many mail folders setup so that you can sort individual emails into their respective folders. Overtime it makes you counter-productive as you’ll end up with tons of folders sorted into different levels, dragging them into their respective folder becomes a pain as you have to find that particular folder from a whole stack of them. Mail Act-On solves that problem by letting you call up a HUD panel via a hotkey, letting you type the name of the folder and hitting “Enter” to file the email instead. I’ve been using this plugin extensively, $24.95 is worth every dime.

But if you want a free alternative, you can also try MsgFiler. Although the program will nag you to pay $8 within intervals of your use, if you don’t mind the nag, you can use it free forever.

2 – WideMail (Free)


widemail thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

Wide screen monitors and laptops are everywhere these days, you’re probably using one, to make full use of the screen estate when using Mail, you’ll be happy to use WideMail plugin. To put it simply, WideMail displays your mail vertically instead of the original horizontal display. This makes reading emails easier.

3 – MailUnread (Free)


mail unread thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

MailUnread is a menubar plugin that shows you how many unread emails you have in your Mail. So whenever a new mail arrives, you’ll immediately know it. What’s more there’s an option to see a few lines of the new emails before you decide whether it needs your immediate attention.

4 – MiniMail ($9)


mini mail thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

MiniMail is like a Mini Player for iTunes. Clicking on the “+” sign on the Mail app collapse Mail into a “Mini Player like window”, MiniMail for this instance. You can scroll through unread mails, reply, create a new mail, delete, mark as read, check for new mail etc. Small but powerful plugin. MiniMail works best if you have a dual monitor setup, so that you can place MiniMail on the other monitor while making space for other applications you want to place on that monitor, iCal or iTunes for example.

5 – Mail Appetizer (Free)


mail appetizer1 thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

Mail Appetizer displays a notification window everytime a new email arrives. You can then determine whether the message requires your immediate attention.

6 – Mail Attachment Scanner (Donation)


attachment scanner thumb 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

There are times we send out an email saying “Attached is the file.” only to get a reply from the recipient telling you nothing was attached. This can be embarrassing when the recipient is your professional client. Mail Attachment Scanner solves this for you. This plugin scans the email for words like “attached” when you click “Send”, if the plugin can’t find any attachments in the email it’ll prompt you before sending it out. A nifty tool.

If you find or is already using some fantastic Mail plugins please feel free to share it here. :)

7 – Subjectivity (Free)


subjectivity 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

Subjectivity is a simple but helpful plugin that will let you know if you forgot to fill in the subject line of an email you’re sending out.

8 – Mail Widget (Free)


mail widget 8 Must Have Plugins for Mac OS X Mail

Mail Widget is a dashboard widget that will check your email periodically (user defined) even if your Mail is not running, complete with growl notification. There is also an option where you can enable a female voice to speak to you eg. “New Mail Has Arrived” when there is a new unread mail in your inbox.

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