April 8th, 2010

MacKeeper – Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)

mackeeper logo MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)It’s been really long since I give my Macbook Pro a clean. You know, over the years, in order to keep your Mac lean & snappy (as the title suggest), you need to clean it up.

Unless you’re a geek, forget about manually going through directories to clean out cache, duplicates, unnecessary language files, logs etc. You need a software to do this.

There are many app of this sort out there, but few gives you the kind of care that you really need.

Imagine the phone number of the company displayed on every section of the app, telling you that a representative will answer any of your questions if you call. MacKeeper is the first, at least for what I’ve seen so far.

Using MacKeeper, I effortlessly wiped out cache, logs, old files, some languages and universal binaries. I also deleted files that are way too big.

mackeeper saved MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)As a result, my Mac does feels snappier, especially when launching apps. If you’re curious how much space I have reclaimed – it’s a whopping 20.5GB!

MacKeeper is a robust all in one system care for your Mac that combines cleaning utilities, standalone tools and online services into one. Read on to see how MacKeeper can help clean out unnecessary data.

Binaries Cutter

mackeeper cleaners MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)MacKeeper is split into three parts, cleaners as one of them. I used every cleaner function except old files finder as I want to keep archives of my work no matter how old it is. Some functions like Duplicates finder, I took extra precaution to make sure I don’t delete anything important.

For Binaries Cutter, it was a no brainer. There is no reason to keep the other part of the core that supports PowerPC architectures. If you’re wondering what universal binary is – Every application contains two parts of code, one that will support old PowerPC architectures and one for modern Intel based Macs. The truth is, you only need one of these cores, so MacKeeper cleans out the other to save disk space.

Cache Cleaner

mackeeper cache cleaner MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)
Your Mac caches data so that applications can run faster. Overtime, this may be counter-intuitive because your Mac is loaded up with cache and in turn cluttering and slowing down your Mac. MacKeeper deletes your entire system’s cache with one click.

Duplicates Finder

This function is easy to understand, but Mackeeper takes it one step further, by searching for duplicate files even if they were renamed, leaving no stones unturned.

Language Cutter

mackeeper language cutter MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)With this function, I got rid of a huge list of languages that are redundant to me, except for English of course. Most applications are loaded with many languages that you will never need in your lifetime, unless you speak and read those languages. MacKeeper helps you find and delete these unnecessary language files to save more space.

Logs Cleaner

mackeeper logs cleaner MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)This is the function that I am most grateful for. I have never needed logs, so do you? Unless you’re a developer of an app. Otherwise there are no reasons to keep these. Applications create log files that store usage, error, statistics etc. Overtime, these files becomes larger.

If you don’t need them, get rid of them!

Old Files Finder

mackeeper old files finder MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)Unless you just started to use a computer, you hard disk is filled with old files dated several years back. If you take some time to review these files, chances are, you don’t need most of them. Especially those that are not used for a long long while. MacKeeper searches for files of this sort and let you remove them with one click. Caution though, you may want to uncheck files that you still want to keep, eg. work archives.


mackeeper tools MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)The rest of the features are under “Tools”. You can backup or encrypt your data. The backup feature lets you create automatic backups of your data on your FTP, ZeoDisk (an online storage service by Zeobit, coming soon), USB or external hard drive. Data encryption will hide the filename and fully encrypt the data. You will only be able to access this encrypted data through MacKeeper app.

Default Apps

I remember being used to opening .doc files and launching it with Mac Office when I really want it to open with Pages by default instead. This tool will let you set app associations with file types. A nifty tool to get rid of that little bit of annoyance.

Disk Usage

mackeeper disk usage MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)This tool gives you the easiest way to see what are the largest file sitting on your Mac. There might be movies you’ve watched and don’t need it anymore, but you forgot to delete. This tool comes in handy for this instance.


mackeeper shredder MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)
You may have some very private files that you are hoping that no one will ever find even after you delete them. The shredder eliminates any possibilities that your files will ever be discovered once you throw them into this zone.


mackeeper undelete MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)
Undelete on the other hand will help you retrieved files that you have deleted, less the files that were “shredded” with the previously mentioned tool of course.

Wise Uninstaller

mackeeper wise uninstaller MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)When you delete an application from your Applications folder, you’re only half done. There are many files associated with it hidden in not very obvious places.

With Wise Uninstaller, you can rest assured that the app is completely deleted. With this utility, you can also easily delete widgets, preference panes and plugins.


mackeeper services MacKeeper   Keeps Your Mac Lean & Snappy (+Giveaway!)There are three tools under this category.

Anti-Theft is a helpful feature that will send a report of your Mac’s location to the police if it’s stolen, giving you a higher chance of retrieving your Mac.


With so many features, MacKeeper is certainly one of the most comprehensive housekeeping tools for your Mac. One license cost $39.95, a small price to pay for the longevity of your Mac. To get it free, read on!


Thanks to Zeobit, we have 2 x free MacKeeper licenses to giveaway!

To win this, just leave a comment and tell us how long it was since you last cleaned your Mac!

This giveaway will end on Wed, 14 April. So, leave your comment now! :)

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