April 19th, 2010

Chronicle – Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)

chronicle logo Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)

Truth be told, I just missed making a payment for one of my credit cards, not because I forgot to pay but because the letter wasn’t sent to me. I’m not sure why, but had I used Chronicle, I would have noticed something was amiss when the payment was soon to be due. This is the second time I missed a payment, the first time was because the date reflected on the internet banking site wasn’t updated.

Using Chronicle, you can organize and track your bills but most importantly, it helps prevent a missed payment.

While spending some time using Chronicle, I can understand the other crucial mission of this app. It is to let you set it and forget it. Forget about your bills with confidence!

User Interface

chronicle user interface Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
Chronicle spots a wood like interface but it doesn’t stop there. You can change the theme to other alternate colors eg:

Dark Theme

chronicle dark theme Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
Tranquil Theme

chronicle dark theme Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
Right from the interface, you can see at a glance how many bills you have, how many are paid or due. If you’ve made a payment for any bill, click “Log Payment” and this will go down in a graph of payment histories which we will talk about later.

Adding A New Bill

chronicle add a new bill Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
From the screenshot, it may look a little busy but there are only a couple of simple fields to fill in. Name of the bill, payment due date, if the bill repeats or not and what is the frequency, amount due and how many days before do you want iCal to remind you.

If your bill is paid online, enter a URL so that you can pay a bill online with a click of a button.

Lastly, choose one of the many colorful icons to represent the bill.

When you hit “Save Bill”, Chronicle opens up iCal to insert a calendar event for your bill and quickly closes iCal.

iCal Integration

chronicle ical Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
By automatically creating a calendar event in iCal, you will be reminded when the due date for a payment is near. Not only will you get reminded on your Mac, if you have an iPhone, you will automatically be reminded via your iPhone too if your iCal is synced with your iPhone.

Logging Payment & Add Receipts

chronicle log payment Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)When you log payment, you have the option to add a receipt. This is handy if you ever get audited by the accountants.

Optionally add a note and say something like “I bought an iPad for my loved one”.

Spending History

chronicle payment history Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
Seeing your spending history on a graph are both fun and useful. You will be able to tell a lot from your spending trends. See which months you spend money most and rectify. If you are disciplined and is serious about your finances, the spending graph should be enough to scare you into spending lesser.


chronicle goals Chronicle   Late Fees Be Gone (+Giveaway!)
This is more for people who are in debt. Setting a goal gives you a higher chance of achieving something. If you have a reasonably large balance on your credit card for example, set a goal on when you want to have the debt paid off.


If you are a working adult with many bills to pay, you definitely need some sort of system to manage your bills. It is like project management, there are just too many things floating around your head which you need to settle them down.

Chronicle lets you do that in a well designed and customizable interface. With many useful features pertaining to bills management like iCal integration, adding of receipts, spending history reports and setting of goals to pay off a debt, Chronicle is hell of an app to save your sanity and money.


Thanks to Mike from Littlefin, one of you will get one of 3 free copies of Chronicle worth $20.95 each.

Just leave a comment and tell us what kind of bills are you paying every month, eg. rent, credit cards, mobile phone, web apps subscription etc.

This giveaway will end on the 25th April, so go on and comment to get a chance to get Chronicle for free. :)

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