December 21st, 2009

Drop It Like It’s Hot With Dropzone – Review + Giveaway!

dropzone icon Drop It Like Its Hot With Dropzone   Review + Giveaway!I bought this app almost immediately when it was released as I was combatting an issue I was having at that time. I find myself frequently uploading files to many different locations. Each time I do it, I have to launch Forklift or Transmit, connect to the FTP, browse to a specific folder and upload the file. I tried using multiple droplets but I don’t want to have a whole mess of them on my dock or desktop.

Here is where Dropzone solves this problem. It lets you setup multiple upload locations so that you can just drag a file into Dropzone on your dock to upload it. Very tidy and convenient!

dropzone interface Drop It Like Its Hot With Dropzone   Review + Giveaway!As you can see from the screenshot above, I frequently upload files, invoices and quotes to my server for our clients to download. Even images that are displayed here are all uploaded from Dropzone. It’s just drag and drop! Really speeds up my workflow.

More Than Just FTPs

dropzone locations Drop It Like Its Hot With Dropzone   Review + Giveaway!Not only can you drop files into FTPs, theres a whole slew of actions for you to perform by drag and drop eg. Flickr, share text, move files and more if you download and install extensions (a.k.a actions) from Dropzone’s website! With the ability to install more actions, the limits are endless.

I personally love being able to conveniently drop photos into Flickr, Twitpic, Dropbox etc.

Wait There’s More!

dropzone more features Drop It Like Its Hot With Dropzone   Review + Giveaway!
You can even install applications (.dmg) simply by drag and drop. We’re not talking about .app files where you can simply drop it in the Applications folder. It’s those pesky .dmg files where you have to click next, next, next just to have the application installed. No more! Drop those .dmg files into Dropzone under “Install Application” and Dropzone will mount the disk image, install and trash the dmg file, only ready for you to launch the app.

There are other useful built in features like “Zip & Email” where you can drag a file into Dropzone to have the file zipped up and placed into a new mail message ready for you to send.

Extending Dropzone

What makes Dropzone even more exciting are user contributed actions. There are already a bunch of useful actions ready for download like Twitpic, Dropbox,, etc.

If you’re a Ruby developer you can even write your own actions.


I 100% recommend this app to internet junkies. It has been an indispensable app in my workflow. Even if you don’t win a free copy (see below), $10 is a small price to pay to make your life easier.


We have 3 FREE copies to giveaway to SUBERAPPS readers! Winning is simple, just leave a comment and tell us how Dropzone will help make your life easier. Following @SUBERAPPS is not compulsory, but encouraged!

Competition ends this Christmas Day!

Look forward to your entries!

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