March 29th, 2010

iDocument – Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)

idocument logo iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)When I first heard from the developers about iDocument, I immediately wonder what are the use cases for this.

As I was struggling to keep my eBooks (.pdf format) organized, it is a no brainer that I will be using iDocument to organize my PDF eBooks and magazines!

But of course you can use it to manage and organize any type of documents.

eBooks has been gaining traction especially this year right after the announcement of the iPad. So I guess IcyBlaze, the developers of iDocument released the app at the right time.

User Interface

idocument ebooks iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)
The awesome UI and straightforwardness really make iDocument stand out. In the screenshot above, you’re looking at documents that I grouped under “Ebooks”.

The screenshot below are documents under the category, “Magazine” that I created.

idocument magazines iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)

Smart Folders

idocument smart folders iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)

idocument smartfolders sidebar iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)Smart folders are the best way to give flexibility to the user. Using smart folders, I created one that says “Reading List”. The smart folder will put every document that was “flagged” into itself.

When I finish reading an eBook or a magazine, I will “unflag” the document to take it off my reading list.

Depending on your needs, there are plenty of other ways you can use smart folders.

Quick Look

idocument quicklook iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)
With Mac OS X’s quick look support, you don’t have to launch the document to read it. Just hit the spacebar and the HUD window will popup, showing you the contents of that document.

Rate Documents

idocument ratings iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)Rate your documents from one to five stars. You can create a smart folder out of the number of ratings too. Say you’ve downloaded a number of eBooks and rated the most popular one 5 stars. Using smart folders to filter these eBooks by rating lets you find the best eBooks quickly.

Sharing via Bonjour

idocument bonjour iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)
If you have others working in the same place with you and would like to access your documents, this feature will come in handy. Useful too if you have multiple Macs and wish to access these documents from another workstation.

You can share documents at a document level. Meaning, you can select which document you want to share.

Sharing via Slideshare & Email

idocument sharing iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)To share documents with the rest of the world, Slideshare and email sharing is supported. They are accessible via one click at the bottom right of the screen, much like how Facebook and Flickr sharing works in iPhoto.


Basically, if you’ve used iPhoto, iTunes, LittleSnapper or Fontcase before, iDocument will be no stranger to you.

I particularly love just how everything works.

There is certainly a hole to be filled in the market of document management apps, iDocument executed it well and filled that void.

idocuments iphone app iDocument   Gorgeous Document Management App (+Giveaway!)An iPhone app for iDocument is underway. I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

To manage music, there is iTunes, to manage fonts, there is Fontcase, to manage graphics, there is LittleSnapper, to manage documents, there is iDocument. I hope you see the pattern. :)


iDocument originally cost $49.95, but you can get yours now at $34.95. There is no word how long this is going to last, so be sure to grab it quick if you think iDocument can help you get more organized with your documents. But if you want it free, we have 2 x free licenses to giveaway!


Yes, 2 x free iDocument licenses to giveaway!

Just write in the comments how you will use iDocument if you win it.

Go on! :)

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