November 30th, 2009

Layers – Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!

I have seen lots of screen capturing tools, most of them lets you manage screenshots, do annotations etc. That’s cool, but none of them lets you capture screens like Layers. At least I have never came across one. We have 2 x free Layers license to giveaway, so read on to find out more about Layers and how to win it!

Meet Layers

layers icon Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!Layers, created by wuonm provides sophisticated features eg. letting you deconstruct the whole screen grab into individual layers, hence the name.

No, nothing to do on your part, the app deconstructs the whole screen grab for you, while saving the entire bunch of separated windows into one well sorted Photoshop (.psd) file.

Photoshop Layers

layers photoshop layers Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!As you can see on the left, each individual windows, icons are separated into different layers waiting for you to manipulate. There are many possibilities on what you can do with them. If you take screenshots often (like me), this is a great tool to keep!

Want More Control?

layers inspector Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!
Not only can you take screenshots as one huge Photoshop file, Layers also includes its own Inspector for you to choose which window, icons etc to grab. To save an item, just select it from the list and hit “Save Screenshot”.

layers icons options Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!There are also many other options like applying shadows to your screenshot, grabbing the screenshot with an opaque background etc.

Dual Monitor Support

layers dual monitors Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!Layers also supports dual monitors, you can choose to select or omit any display screens from the shot.

Not Just Screenshots, Web Shots Too

layers webshot Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!
With the latest update, you can even take web snapshots! With a click of the mouse, or keyboard shortcut, you can take a screenshot of the entire webpage of the current tab in your active browser. Works flawlessly. This feature makes it a almost complete tool for screen grabbing.


layers capture settings Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!Don’t want to save screenshots in TIFF? Choose PNG instead, or vice versa. For me, I like using PNGs as it is more compatible with browsers (not mentioning IE6 and below though!).

layers settings screenshottype Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!Selecting “Capture options: Image Kind” will show 3 options – Layered PSD, a bunch of images or just a flat image?

I think these options are very well thought out, non designers would want a bunch of images or a composite while designers who knows Photoshop inside out would most probably choose Layered. Though, it still depend on individuals’ different needs. All in all there is an option for everyone.

Keyboard Shortcuts

layers keyboard shortcuts Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!To save more time, use keyboard shortcuts! As a complete application, developers can never leave that out. Here are a couple of frequently used actions that you can perform with keyboard shortcuts. Of course you can also modify them as you deem fit.

Dock & Menu Icon

layers hide dock icon Layers   Take Screenshots To Another Level + Giveaways!For those worried about having too many icons cluttering up your dock (or is it just me?), there is a built in option to hide the dock icon or the menu icon! Small feature but very thoughtful!


With the ability to take desktop and web screenshots combined with the powerful features of deconstructing the entire screenshot, this makes Layers an awesome choice for your screen grabbing needs. If you want to read more, check out reviews from Macworld or Smoking Apples.

2 x License Giveaway!

The developer is generous enough to give 2 FREE licenses (usually $24.95) to SUBERAPPS readers! To win a license, all you need to do is to leave a comment and tell us why you want a copy of Layers.

The giveaway will run until Friday, so quickly leave a comment now to be entitled a chance to win this awesome app!

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