March 26th, 2009

MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?

macheist 3 bundle thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?
True to MacHeist’s promise, this year’s bundle is a freakin’ great one. Here is a breakdown of the apps in different categories / profession, so it’s easier for you to analyze if you really “need” this bundle. But what the heck even if you don’t need it, treat the purchase as a good deed as 25% of every sale goes to charity!


phoneview1 thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?PhoneView [$19.95]
PhoneView lets you do what iTunes won’t, letting you backup your data from Notes, SMS, call history, use your iPhone as data storage and even grab songs directly out of your iPhone.

the hit list thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?The Hit List [$69.95]
The Hit List is a potential alternative to Things and you can read more about The Hit List here. The Hit List is basically a To-do list app on steroids.


picturesque thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?Picturesque [$34.95]
Easily beautify your images with this app, set your images in perspective, easily add reflections, drop shadows or add round corners to your images etc. Picturesque lets you do all this at a snap without having to open Photoshop.

littlesnapper thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?LittleSnapper [$39]
If you frequently do annotations on screenshots, collect graphics and web pages for inspiration, this pretty app does the job well. Read more about LittleSnapper here.

acorn1 thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?Acorn [$49.95]
An alternative to Photoshop, although not completely. Touted as a photo editor for the rest of us, Acorn lets you add everything from text, shapes, and effects, you can make the perfect picture in a short time.


espresso thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?Espresso [$80]
Espresso only recently released it’s 1.0 version after the free beta period, already costing $80, if you need this app buying the bundle makes perfect sense! Espresso is a web editor with a complete set of tools for coding, previewing and publishing sites via FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 services. Espresso is also written by the same developers who wrote CSSEdit.

Cooks / Chefs / Sous Chefs!

souschef thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?SousChef [$30]
Sounds very much like MacGourmet to me. If you love to cook and wants access to 8,000 recipes shared by other users, this is the app for you. One interesting feature is that SousChef comes with Speech Recognition that can read out recipes while you cook. The “Ten Foot Mode” basically makes the font size of your recipes appear larger so you save on printing out the recipes.


world of goo thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?World of Goo [$20]
Hailed as one of the best games of 2008, your goal is typically to help get the blobs to where they’re going, and the adventure lies in exploring the creative tools and intriguing story behind who the mysterious World of Goo Corporation really is.

Ebay Seller

isale thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?iSale [$39.95]
I have sold things on eBay before and I know how cumbersome it is to put up an auction. With iSale selling on eBay is a breeze, with 222 pre-designed iSale auction templates you can use or customize, integrate videos from YouTube, Google Video and MySpace while saving on additional image fees. iSale also keeps you up to date with your auction status and much more.

3D artist

kinemac thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?Kinemac [$299]
At $299, Kinemac is a niche app designed for 3D manipulation and animation, the result can be exported to QuickTime, web formats, or for burning to CDs and DVDs.


wiretap studio thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?WireTap Studio [$69]
WireTap Studio is a recording utility, giving you complete control to record, organize, edit and share sound from any application or system input. If you can hear it on your Mac, WireTap Studio can record it. WireTap Studio can also digitize your tapes and LPs, recording iChat and Skype conversations, and creating the perfect podcast.

boinxtv1 thumb MacHeist 3 Bundle, Should You Buy?BoinxTV [$199]
BoinxTV Sponsored Edition is a complete “TV studio in a box,” ideal for recording podcasts, seminars, and other events. BoinxTV lets you create live effects, and support for up to three cameras. You can apply cuts, graphics and effects during a live recording.


Though, I’m still contemplating on buying this bundle as I’m only under the Anyone, Designer and Developer category, I also already owned LittleSnapper and am using RememberTheMilk for GTD.

What about you? Will you or have you already gotten this bundle?

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