April 12th, 2010

Radium – No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)

I have been listening to internet radio more than before. I thought it was more fun to listen to internet radio right on the Mac itself, rather than having to play local radio stations on a separate radio receiver.

I was using Snowtape previously and it gets the job done in an awesome user interface, it also lets you record internet radio etc. But what if you just want the core feature of an internet radio app, that is to listen to the radio.

Meet Radium

radium icon Radium   No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)Radium by CatPig Studios got you covered. And the best thing about Radium is that it is a faceless app. Well almost.

There is no window or dock icon, it just sits quietly in the menubar just doing its job. Radium is one example of an app that does only one thing but does it extremely well.

User Interface

radium user interface Radium   No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)You can control Radium by clicking its icon on the menubar. The search box is immediately highlighted to let you search quickly for a radio station. The volume and playback controls are at the bottom of the interface. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to control certain aspects of the app (which we’ll discuss later).


radium favorites Radium   No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)To access radio stations that you frequently listen, mark it as a favorite by clicking the star beside the radio station. To see all your favorite stations, click on the star beside the search box.

Radio Networks

radium radio stations Radium   No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)There are tons of radio networks to listen to. if you can’t find one in the list, add it using a URL.

You can even request a radio network to be added by telling CatPig Studios.

Keyboard Shortcuts

radium keyboard shortcuts Radium   No Frills Internet Radio App (+Giveaway!)Of course, no app can ship without keyboard shortcuts. :) The most useful one I find, is the “Play/Stop” shortcut. When I receive a call, this is the key combination I hit.


Radium is an app for listening to internet radio and nothing else. I love it and use it very often. When you’re listening to music, the app should naturally be in the background and Radium is TRUELY in the background, not getting in the way and just playing the radio stations you love.

Radium cost $16. And yes, we have a giveaway for this!


Thanks to CatPig Studios (cute name by the way) we have 5 free licenses to giveaway! Winners will be announced on Sunday, 18 April.

Just share with us what genre of music you like most in the comments. :)

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