March 28th, 2010

Snippets – The Developer’s Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)

snippets icon Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)As a developer myself, I write tons and tons of code for many projects. The fastest way to writing code is to re-use what you frequently write. There is no point re-writing code when you have already written it before.

My old solution was to go back to old projects and find the bit of snippet that I want to re-use, but guess what, this only takes more time and drive you to insanity.

You need a system to store them. It should also let you easily search for code to re-use them.


Snippets is a time saving tool for developers and designers. Keep all your code at hand and re-use it in an elegant manner. Saving all this little bits of time adds up, making you more productive.

User Interface

snippets user interface Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)
Snippets displays your code in a familiar fashion. There is nothing you won’t understand here. To create a snippet, hit “New Snippet” or use “Cmd+N”.


snippets toolbar options Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)Use one click to send any selected quote to Coda (or other code editor apps), copy code, email and delete.

Supporting Languages

snippets supported language Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)Snippets supports every language you can find under the sun. Categorizing your snippet with the correct language will automatically set the syntax colors correctly.

Menubar Search

snippets menubar search Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)This is a crucial feature every snippet management app should have. In fact, this is the first thing I looked for right after I install Snippets. Search snippets via the menubar. Isn’t this better than searching your old projects?

Accessing Folders via Menubar

snippets access global menu Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)
Keeping Snippet’s window closed, you can still access your folders via the menubar. In this instance, I setup smart folders for AS3, PHP, SSH and HTML. Take the HTML smart folder for instance, it will display snippets highlighted with HTML, CSS or Javascript syntax.

Shortcut Keys

snippets shortcut keys Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)To call up menubar search or to accessing folders via the menubar, the most effective method is by using a shortcut key. Thankfully, Snippets supports this.

Smart Folders

snippets smart groups Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)
Smart folders for these sort of apps are valuable. It gives you the flexibility to sort and organize your code. Everyone is different so smart folders are there to support them.

I use smart folders to group different languages of snippets. This way, when I create a new snippet and assign it the correct language, the snippet will automatically appear inside the correct smart folder.

The next time when I want to search or edit a snippet, I know where to look.

Sync With MobileMe

snippets sync with mobileme Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)If you use multiple Macs, you will be thrilled to find that you can sync snippets between network computers and user accounts.


snippets scrippets share Snippets   The Developers Treasure Box (+Giveaway!)With scrippets, you can perform custom sets of operations over selected Library items. Go here to learn all about Scrippets. The default Scrippets out of the box will let you share snippets on, and


Overal, Snippets gives you a full featured system to search, re-use, edit, share your snippets and more.

I will certainly be using it a lot for our upcoming projects.


Snippets cost $39.95 per license, but you can get it at a cheaper rate from now till 28 March, (TODAY!) at $30. To get it free, read the instructions below!


Thanks to the developers, we have 2 x free Snippets license code (worth $39.95 each) to give away!

All you have to do is to leave a comment and tell us why you want it.

We will be running this until 1st April, Thursday, 5 days from now.

Winners will hear from the developers via email, it’s only a comment away to win your FREE license. So, go on and comment! :)

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