November 16th, 2009

SnowTape – Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac App

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This is one app that I absolutely love in terms of functions and looks, 5 upon 5 stars. I finally took a break from iTunes and off to exploring more new music from the realm of internet radio stations. SUBERAPPS readers gets a 20% discount code! Read on.

When I was a kid, I used to love listening to the radio. I didn’t have much money to spend on CDs, so I bought empty tapes to record songs played on the radio so that I can listen to my favorite songs over and over again!

Times have changed very quickly, tapes are a thing of the past. You can now listen to radio on the internet. Internet radios are great ways to discover new music, wouldn’t it be great to be able to record internet radio so that you can keep the song permanently with you?

With Snowtape, this is possible – and more!

Meet Snowtape

f46883f446ec0452b7d14689e298c709 SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppSnowtape lets you listen to internet radio, record them and even export recorded songs directly to iTunes with just one click!

To me, Snowtape is like iTunes but for radio stations and even more beautiful.


f70e9a58d9eed4dea01dfc1ba9d2982a SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppRadio Stations
Snowtape is able to store thousands of radio stations to let you explore the almost infinite world of internet radio stations. Found one you like? Mark it as favorite to quickly listen to that radio station later.


2b13e0413955cd97a9434632f6676061 SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppSnowtape not only lets you record broadcasts from radio stations, it took recording even further by helping you cut the tracks at audio track boundaries automatically. This means that the songs you record are complete soundtracks stored in your repository as individual songs (with album artwork fetched from!), rather than a long piece of audio track. Snowtape can also identify commercials or interludes, automatically excluding them from the recordings.

What more do you need to do? Just hit the record button and let it run on auto-pilot!

iTunes Integration

a534174a33494e5f54e3813a02574632 SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppFor every recorded track, Snowtape will check if the track is available on iTunes. If it is, it can bring you to the artist directly in iTunes with one click! I don’t know how this can be useful when you can export the recorded track to iTunes, saving you one buck or so. The only thing you might want to buy the track off iTunes is when the track wasn’t recorded properly which is rare, or you simply want to support the artist.

8f961c129a7503d72ee579f0ee1f4c62 SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppAs you should know by now, iTunes also lets you play internet radio. But if you want to streamline and manage radio stations all on Snowtape, just drag the item from iTunes into Snowtape and it’ll do the rest.


Not only can Snowtape import radio stations from iTunes, you can also import URLs of any radio station and Snowtape will check if it is valid before importing.

Controlling Mini Controller

3af8dde3a91bd62267941c99883fc5d0 SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppYou can either run Snowtape in a window, or as a mini controller. As gorgeous as the app window itself, you can park the mini controller anywhere on your screen with full controls for playing, pausing and recording.

83fe6349618750459f19326e3ffaa32c SnowTape   Gorgeous Internet Radio Mac AppWant to control Snowtape on your couch? You’re covered! Just download the Snowtape remote from iTunes (for iPhone and iPod Touch at $0.99). The remote is everything you would expect from Apple’s remote for iTunes. Play, pause, record, volume control, select radio stations, favorites etc.


For $29, Snowtape gives you maximum satisfaction on your music needs, digital radio style. Download it and give it a try, and if you decide to buy, take advantage of the 20% discount by using the coupon code – SUBERAPPS.

I hope you enjoy Snowtape as much as I do!

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