April 2nd, 2010

Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!

I want to thank our sponsors who choose to advertise on SUBERAPPS.

They have some really useful apps and services to offer which I think you should check them out:

Fuel Collective

sponsor fuelcollective Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!Beautiful and awesome apps built by designers/developers for designers/developers. If you are a developer, check out Snippet. Designer? Check out Swatch. Freelancer? Check out PunchClock. All of the above? Check out – Fuel Collective.


sponsor mackeeper Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!For a long lasting Mac experience, you need to keep your Mac clean and clear of unwanted files. MacKeeper is an all in one housekeeper for your Mac, keeping it clean, foolproof, secured, fast, reliable and attended. Learn more at MacKeeper’s site.

Park’n Find

sponsor park n find Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!I know the feeling of not being able to find your car. Frustrating! Park’n Find puts an end to this problem by offering a wide range of features to get you back to your parking spot every time. In addition to a map which automatically zooms and pans as you move closer to your parking location, iPhone 3GS users are guided by a “go this way” arrow. You can also add a description, attach photos, record a voice note, or set a reminder to pay the parking meter.


sponsor kiwi Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!Kiwi is the customizable Twitter client for your Mac. It is indeed the unique selling of of Kiwi among so many other Twitter clients. You can either choose a theme, or build your own. One other cool feature is that you can manage your tweets with rules and regular expressions to satisfy the inner geek in you. You can also combine multiple Twitter accounts to create personalized timelines.


sponsor chronicle Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!If you’ve ever missed paying an overdue bill, you know the pain of paying for these late fees. Chronicle is a beautiful app to help you manage and organize your bills so that you will never miss a payment. Useful features includes being able to store scanned receipts, see spending history and trends with stats etc.


sponsor macads Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!MacAds is an advertising network for the Mac community. If you have an app to sell, be it an iPhone, Web app or anything related to the Mac, you can advertise for free at MacAds.


sponsor designers couch Thanks To Our Lovely Sponsors!DesignersCouch is a community for designers/developers to share their work and inspiration with each other. Only designers with decent quality work can get in. This is such that they can maintain a high level of quality in their community.

DesignersCouch also features articles related to design, job board, events and more.

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