December 29th, 2008

Things 1.0 – Release Candidate!

cultured code things 2 Things 1.0   Release Candidate!
If you’ve been a fan of Things, a very awesome GTD application by Cultured Code, you must be anxiously waiting it to get out of beta. It’s 7 more days before you can finally get the very first 1.0 version, but hey, there’s a 1.0 release candidate to download immediately!

Things is a to-do list app for Mac, simple and elegant while not achieved at the expense of powerful features. I have been using Things since it’s beta and it’s one of the apps I can’t live without. With Things, you can look at all the stuff you need to accomplish today at “Today”, schedule your to-do lists and have them show up at “Today” when the time is up, group to-dos by Projects/Areas, tag your to-dos, include notes in your to-dos etc.

cultured code things interface1 Things 1.0   Release Candidate!
If you have an idea but not sure which category to put your to-do in, put it in the “Inbox” first and sort it later. There’s also a “Someday” box where all the task that you wish to accomplish some other day will appear.

Things 1.0 cost $49.99 to own, you can get 20% off if you enter this coupon code THINGSPRESALE20. Code is valid through January 15th, 2009. You can buy Things today even before it’s release, I know I’m sure gonna get one copy!

iPhone App ($9.99 from the app store)

Things also comes with an iPhone app (separate purchase from the app store @ $9.99), with all the functionality of the Things desktop app. You can sync both apps through WI-FI.

cultured code things iphone app1 Things 1.0   Release Candidate!

Syncing Things between 2 or more Macs

One thing Things is lacking is the ability to sync all your to-dos between 2 Macs, but this is still possible with a little bit of manual work. If you have more than 2 Macs, or would like to sync Things between your home and work computer, here’s some tutorials on how to get this done. Please note that these tutorials are not officially documented or supported by Cultured Code. But I have tried it and it works.

  1. Sync via Mobile Me
  2. Sync via DropBox
  3. Sync via SVN (with Applescript)
  4. Sync via WebDAV

Sync tutorial sources via ars technica




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