October 14th, 2010

1TapAlarm – Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhone

shiny frog logo 1TapAlarm   Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhoneThis is one app that does one thing and does it well. Many times, all you need is a simple timer to help you track stuff, but all you get in the market are apps that try to do everything most of the time.

Speaking of a dead simple tracking app, Eon by Fuel Collective is one of them. They try to solve a problem of web applications doing much more than just time tracking. But Eon is for Mac, what about iOS devices?


This is where 1TapAlarm comes in. It’s designed by Shiny Frog, the same guys who created Delibar, the app that I still use until today.

I am extremely attracted by the sexy design of the UI (I’m a sucker for such things). That’s how it lures me into downloading the app from the App Store so that I can dig deeper.

User Interface

1tapalarm user interface 1TapAlarm   Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhoneUpon launching the app, a beautiful LCD digits display with a dial knob like looking control greets you.

How do you start the timer? Dial the knob to the desired number and the app will start timing immediately. They don’t call it 1TapAlarm for no reason, it really just takes one tap to start the timer!

To reset the timer, hit the very familiar looking refresh icon.


1tapalarm alarm tones 1TapAlarm   Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhoneI personally like the “Bell” alarm tone, it sounds pleasant but not too soft, just enough to let you know the time is up.

But everyone is different, this is why there is a list of tones to choose from. When the time is up, you get a local push notification.

Local push notifications works differently compared to regular push notifications as it doesn’t require an internet connection to push the notification to you.

This means you can run it anytime and anywhere even while you’re offline.

Alert Message

1tapalarm alert message 1TapAlarm   Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhoneEven the alert message can be configured.

This is certainly for control freaks who want to customize every aspect of the app.

What I Use It For?

1tapalarm coffee press 1TapAlarm   Simple And Gorgeous Timer For Your iPhone

To time my coffee! I use a french press to make my coffee. I could either look at the time, or use 1TapAlarm and set it to four minutes.

The latter prove to be more fun and more accurate, resulting in a cup of coffee that tastes just right.


Guess there isn’t a need for a giveaway as this app cost nothing to own. It’s free!

Thanks to ShinyFrog for this beautiful and nifty app!

Visit 1TapAlarm’s website or download 1TapAlarm from the App Store.

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