November 10th, 2009

Foobi – Enjoyable Diet Tracking

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For most things I dread to do, I need a reason. I have never “want” to track how balanced my diet is, or how much of what I’ve eaten. Not after I discovered Foobi.

Just like how Nike Plus makes me want to run, Foobi makes me want to track my diet!

If you’re a body builder, nutritionist, vegetarian, or anyone who just wants to track their diet, there has been no easier way to do it.

Not only does Foobi look absolutely gorgeous, it is extremely easy to use. Tracking your diet doesn’t require you to type any numbers. As they say “.. if you can flick, you’re an expert”.

Meet Foobi

Foobi greets you with a beautiful opening screen unveiling the app itself.

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Launching Foobi

Whenever you consumed a category of food, launch Foobi, flick the screen left or right to choose the type of food, tap “+” to add a serving to the record.

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Clicking the 3 stripes button on the left lets you take a quick glance at your diet for today or any date that you select:

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For Foobi to be useful, you need to tracking your diet daily. Overtime, weekly summaries of your diet will be displayed on a graph. To see the graph, just flip your iPhone / iPod Touch into landscape mode.

As you can see from the graph below, I have been eating more meat (red) than vegetables (green).

If you have been wanting to eat more vegetables than meat, this graph will tell you you’ve been doing otherwise.

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Planning Your Diet

Foobi is great for planning diets. In order to have a well balanced diet, you need to consume more of this and less of that. How do you know how much of what you’ve already consumed? By using Foobi to track your daily servings, it is easy to maintain a well balanced diet.

To plan your diet, simply go to Settings by clicking the “i” icon on the bottom right.

From here, you can set a daily servings limit for each food category or change the category name. If you don’t like the name “Poultry”, you can name it “Birds”. :D

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If you can’t find a category from the default list, you can add your own. You can also change the color label of the food category, for example vegetables would most logically be green, not red! By using the right color to label your food category, it’ll be easier to read your weekly consumption graph.

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I have not been able to find fault with the app except that I was not able to subtract servings. Other than that it does what it says and does it well.

Foobi might be the best looking diet tracking and balancing app you can ever find on the App Store yet.


The developer is running low on promo codes. Unfortunately I only have 1 promo code to giveaway! The first commenter gets the promo code to download Foobi on the U.S. App Store!

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