November 8th, 2009

iPhone App: Jukebox Music Quiz

jukebox hero image iPhone App: Jukebox Music Quiz

Developer’s Site | iTunes Link | Price: $0.99 | Free Promo Codes: 10 codes (U.S. store only)

I usually receive a number of request per month from app developers about their new iPhone apps. As a designer myself, I tend to pay more attention to well designed apps and icons.

And yes, I mentioned icons, far too many apps have great functioning apps but less than attractive icons. A good icon should be easily identifiable, iconic and ties in well with the actual app itself.

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Pleasant wood design

Jukebox ($0.99) is one of those apps with a beautiful design topped with a consistent icon.

For me, I’m not a hardcore gamer, I don’t get addicted easily. It’s usually because most games requires too much thinking and learning of controls. Call me lazy, but I use too much of my brains in my day to day work as a designer/developer so when I unwind I want to “shutdown” as much as possible.

Jukebox really lives up to how they describe their app, “..addictive, attractive music quiz.”. Apart from it’s addictive gameplay, Jukebox also spots a pleasant looking design.

Swipe Interactive sent me a promo code sometime ago, I redeemed the app, started playing and boy it got me hooked within a minute or so!


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Tap the correct song

Basically Jukebox tests you on your entire music collection. It plays a a random portion of a song for a few seconds and you’re suppose to choose the right title from a list of four.

Sounds simple, but the longer you play, the more nervous you will become. Jukebox progresses on a relatively fast speed leaving you no time for dilly dally which increases the challenge. This game actually gave me an adrenaline rush. With each incorrect song I chose, it made me want to play on and choose more correct ones to increase my score percentage.

Scoring System

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Your Statistics

One good thing about this game is that whenever you end the game, your current score will be accumulated as a total score under ‘Statistics’. When viewing your statistics, your results will be optionally uploaded to Swipe Interactive’s servers which will in return your ‘World Ranking’ score.

It’s pretty interesting to see how well you fair compared to players around the world, a good incentive to keep on playing.


All in all, an addictive game coupled with a well designed interface.

Jukebox is great for situations like “in a queue, waiting for the next train or bus etc”, as there is no limit to how long or short you should play this game in order to achieve your best score.

Certainly a good game to keep!


The developers are kind enough to provide 10 promo codes for SUBERAPPS readers to redeem the game on the App Store for free!

The first ten readers who comment will be sent an email almost immediately with the promo code!

The promo codes works in the U.S iTunes store only.

Comment now to redeem this wonderful game!

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