May 30th, 2009

Put Things Off – New To-Do List App For iPhone

pto icon thumb Put Things Off   New To Do List App For iPhoneI’ve just got an opportunity to review a spanking new to-do iPhone app, thanks to Nick from Spiffing Apps. This app will be out in the App Store next Monday is now available at the App Store. But now, I want to share with you my experience with this lovely iPhone app.

The Laid-Back Todo List

put things off Put Things Off   New To Do List App For iPhone
We have seen way too many feature packed ‘to-do’ lists apps on the App Store. Having lots of functions in an app of this genre works for some people but there are also people I know who cannot be bothered with the GTD system, the hassle of syncing with a desktop counterpart, sub grouping tasks and so on.

This group of people only need something as simple as a “pencil and paper” type of system. Only needing a place to quickly pen what they need to do.

Put Things Off fulfills this beautifully with a cute wooden interface coupled with subtle sounds to compliment the experience. Using this is a joy, it kinda makes me feel happy using it, mainly due to the light hearted design.

Launching The App

pto splash Put Things Off   New To Do List App For iPhoneLaunching the app greets you with a wooden background and the name of the app.

I am not a fan of splash screens as most of them I’ve seen are outright ugly and inconsistent with the app itself.

This one makes me a little more forgiving because of its consistency and it’s lovely laid back design.

Interface And Function

pto userinterface1 Put Things Off   New To Do List App For iPhoneUsing the app is extremely straightforward. Can’t get any simpler than that:

Tap the ‘+’ icon and add your tasks right away! Whatever you have added lands in your Inbox, ready for you to file to other boxes of different context.

There are only 3 boxes for you to file your tasks:

1. Today (tasks you need to complete today)
2. Put Off (tasks you will complete later)
3. Done (completed tasks)

Very straightforward and logical. This simple way of organizing tasks gets you up to speed very quickly. It doesn’t force you to learn and adjust to complicated systems.

Navigating Around

pto userinterface2 Put Things Off   New To Do List App For iPhoneNavigating to other sections is only a matter of taping on the other boxes at the bottom.

You can move your tasks around or delete them as you wish.

Once you’re done with any tasks, just tap the “tick” icon.


This app will require $2.99 to own. I must say the price is directly proportional to its feature set, definitely reasonable for its concept, design and execution.

Watch The Video!

The above images probably won’t do much justice to the actual usage of the app itself, so i suggest you end off by watching this cute video featuring the app. Once again, this app will be out in the app store next Monday. Stay tuned!

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