March 18th, 2009

New Look More Content!

I hope you like the new look for SUBERAPPS! I’ve been trying different designs but none of them comes close to my satisfaction, hence I bought a new theme from ThemeForest, customized it heavily until it feels like how SUBERAPPS suppose to feel like in my opinion and taste, I hope you feel the same. This design will stick around for some time to come. I would like to thank Kailoon for his patience with regards to all my questions regarding this theme! Check out his Themetation for wordpress themes too!

suberapps new look 2009 New Look More Content!

I apologize for some lack of content over the past few weeks as work has been really hectic. Hence I’ve begun scheduling a number of posts last week and they’ll be spread out evenly through this week and this will continue every week from now onwards.

Suber App Feed

app feed New Look More Content!

There’s new module at the right hand side of the site where you can feed links of any apps you’ve discovered.


suberapps new twitter page New Look More Content!

SUBERAPPS Twitter site’s design has also been streamlined as well. If you’re also on Twitter, do follow @suberapps and I’ll have you followed back.

More Content

Look out for tomorrow’s post as I’ll be discussing 6 must have plugins for Mac OS X’s native Mail application, you might have heard of some of the plugins but it’s great to explore those you haven’t, as I’m sure they’ll make you a more productive Mail user.

Stay tuned for more!

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