October 16th, 2010

SUBERAPPS Ask: Amber Weinberg

Welcome to a new SUBERAPPS feature-SUBERAPPS Asks, where we ask people what their must use Desktop, Web, and iPhone apps are, then report the answers back to you.

amber weinberg headr SUBERAPPS Ask: Amber Weinberg

Today, we’re featuring Amber Weinberg, creator of Codesnipp.it, a front-end developer, specializing in XHTML, CSS, and WordPress, along with being a frequent blogger at both Freelance Folder and Think Vitamin. Fancy!

So What Are Amber’s Favorite and Most-Often Used Apps?


Coda’s been the best IDE I’ve found so far. It’s all-in-one so I don’t have to use different programs for different languages or an FTP. It’s also great for managing multiple sites, is super fast and unbloated and has a great interface.

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Almost all of my sites are now built in WordPress. It’s been the easiest CMS to use for both me as a developer and my clients. There’s no functionality I haven’t been able to add ot it, and it also works well on really, really large sites.

For more on WordPress:


As the creator of Codesnipp.it, I’m a bit biased, but I really believe it’s a great app for developers. You’re able to share your code, while following your favorite developers to see what they’re working on. You can also post coding questions and find great help.

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Twitterrific is the best desktop app (although a bit resource intesive) I’ve found. The interface is simple and clean, I can update different platforms and manage several accounts.

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VMware is the newest addition to my desktop apps and quickly becoming one of my favorites. It allow me to quickly and seamlessly integrate Windows 7 with OSX so I can stop stealing my finace’s computer in the middle of Starcraft to test sites in IE.

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Budget app is great for both the desktop and iPhone. It allows me to keep track of all my finances and keep them synced across several different computers (with the help of Dropbox) and helps save money by using the envelope method.

For More on Budget:

Ok, I couldn’t find any top-notch reviews on Budget. Don’t worry-we’ll write one.


Billings is the perfect desktop/iphone app for freelancers. It allows you to quickly make invoices, quotes and statements and integrates with Apple Mail to send them to the client. Also stores client info, alerts you when payments are late and has an awesome reports section.

For More on Billings:


I love reading so I use this web/phone app everyday. It keeps tracks of all the books I’ve read, am reading and want to read. I can share page updates and reviews with friends and see what they’re reading as well.

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Plants vs Zombies

I don’t really play any games on my iPad, but everyone insisted I try PvZ and it’s the most fun game I’ve ever played. You absolutely MUST buy it.


I didn’t think I needed this much since I’m a lonely freelancer, but Dropbox has been since there are 3 developers working on Codesnipp.it (it’s easy source control) and to share Budget files and other projects across our many computers :)

For More on Dropbox:

USAA mobile

I bank with USAA and I use their mobile app for one thing only – to cash checks. They were the first bank ever to introduce deposit by scanner and deposit by mobile. Super awesome considering the closest USAA bank to me is a couple of thousand miles.

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