November 6th, 2010

SUBERAPPS Asks: Aliza Sherman

Today we’re featuring Aliza Sherman, of Conversify and Media Egg; blogger at WebWorkerDaily, a web pioneer, author, and newly a mobile entrepreneur. Fancy!

So, What Are Aliza Sherman’s Favorite and Most-Often Used Apps?


gist image SUBERAPPS Asks: Aliza Sherman

Gist culls through my emails and social media contacts, then provides me with insights into the people I’m connected with such as blog posts, news articles, recent tweets. I like the recent Tweets feature since it filters down to people I’m actually in touch with versus my entire Twitter stream. I can filter my Gist Dashboard view on the iPhone down to just news or just blogs-or just Facebook as well. Gist sends me emails to draw my attention to revelant information about people I know or people I want to get to know better.”

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instapaper image SUBERAPPS Asks: Aliza Sherman

“I use Instapaper’s bookmarklet on my web browser to to save the title and URLS of blog posts and articles I don’t have time to read, and then use the iPhone app to read later when I’m standing in line at the grocery store or just have some time to catch up. I find myself reading voraciously while standing in line at airport security.”

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tripit Mobile Alert1 SUBERAPPS Asks: Aliza Sherman

“I manage my travel information on TripIt by emailing my flight itineraries to the site and it instantly appears in my profile. I can share my travel plans with family and friends. Then, when I’m at the airport checking in, I can get to my flight number quickly and easily without having to dig through papers or remember where I wrote it down.”

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Remember the Milk

rtm image SUBERAPPS Asks: Aliza Sherman

“Speaking of remembering, I have such a bad memory these days, so I rely on all kinds of  To-Do lists and backup lists. Remember the Milk has both the web interface and iPhone app, plus text message reminders to nudge me about important things. Now, if only I can remember to enter my to-dos into it on a regular basis.

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