February 15th, 2009

11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for Safari

While looking at the stats, 82% of SUBERAPPS readers are Mac users and a majority are Safari users. Today I’m going to share with you 11 cool and useful plugins to power up your Safari. I’m a Safari user myself and I use almost all of the plugins that are mentioned below:

1 – Safari 140 (Free)

- Post to Twitter from Safari (Link)

safari 1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariThe latest of them all. Safari 140 allows you to post to Twitter in less than 3 steps. Lets say you’ve just read an interesting article and wants to tweet about it, all you have to do is to hit Ctrl + T, Safari 140 grabs the title and shortens the link and ready for you to hit the “Post to Twitter” button.

2 – Inquisitor (Free)

- Speeds up your searches (Link)

inquisitor2 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariBasically, Inquisitor shows you search suggestions and keywords as you type on Safari’s search bar skipping you a visit to Google’s page before hitting the page you’re searching for. Search results are displayed elegantly as a drop down.

3 – Glims (Free)

- More options for Safari (Link)

glims3 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariGlims adds a slew of options to customize Safari, proves to be the most useful and comprehensive of all plugins I can find for Safari. You can choose to add thumbnails to Google search results, search suggestions (much like Inquisitor), add favicons to tab labels (much like Firefox), auto closes download windows, keyword search from address bar, remember last session, always open links in new tab, full screen mode, just to name a few important ones.

4 – Stumbi (Donationware $2)

- Stumbleupon plugin for Safari (Link)

stumbi1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariStumbleupon users who uses Safari hate it when Firefox gets all the Stumbleupon love. Thanks to Stumbi, we can “thumbs up”, “thumbs down”, stumble upon websites all by using shortcut keys or the embedded buttons near the address bar.

5 – Delicious Safari ($10)

- Delicious for Safari (Link)

delicious safari5 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariDelicious Safari lets you save websites to Delicious right from Safari, complete with suggested tags to tag your bookmark. There is also a “notes” field to record notes about the bookmark you’re about to send to Delicious. A menu bar item shows you recently bookmarked sites on your Delicious letting you visit them immediately, without having to login to Delicious’s website.

6 – 1Password ($39.95)

- Password / Login Manager (Link)

1password1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariThis is one app / plugin that I can’t live without. You might have already heard of it but if you haven’t, you need to at least try it. This app saves your logins on every login, the next time when you need to login to a specific site, all you need to do is hit a shortcut key Ctrl + , 1Password will login for you. 1Password also lets you manage your wallet items like credit cards, bank account numbers, software licenses, FTPs etc, and comes with an accompanying iPhone app to complete the experience.

7 – TabExposé ($6.30)

- Exposé for Safari Tabs (Link)

tab expose1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariYou like the native Mac OS X Exposé? What if you can also do that for all your open tabs in Exposé? TabExposé lets you do just that.

8 – Cooliris (Free)

- Browse images on a 3D Wall (Link)

cooliris1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariPreviously called PicLens, an awesome and fast way to view images rendered on a beautiful 3D wall for images on Flickr, Google Images, Facebook, Friendster, Deviantart, Yahoo images, My Space, PhotoBucket, Picasa Web Albums, Getty Images, YouTube, just to name a few popular ones. Here’s a current full list.

9 – Saft (Shareware $12)

- Feature rich Safari customization plugin (Link)

saft1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariThis plugin, much like Glims (no. 3) in my opinion, gives you a set of customization options to pimp your Safari. Other options not included with Glims includes Ad/Banner blocking with URL pattern matching, block flash animations, block images and plugins, kiosk mode, option to use Aqua Interface, sidebar etc.

10 – SafariStand (Free / Donationware)

- Convenient Sidebar support (Link)

safari stand1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariSafariStand plants an optional sidebar on your Safari so that you can navigate and manage your tabs via thumbnails. A Stand Bar to manage your bookmarks, history etc. Stand Search to search your bookmarks and history, with Spotlight integration. This plugin also comes with various other options to customize Safari and the web pages that you visit.

11 – Safari Guardian (Free / Donationware)

- Prevents websites from auto resizing your browser (Link)

safari guardian1 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for SafariI don’t know about you, but personally I hate it when websites automatically resizes my browser using javascript without my consent, it’s annoying when I find myself resizing my Safari back to the original size that I intended. Safari Guardian stops that annoyance. Very simple but thoughtful plugin.


12 – Safari AdBlock (Free)

- Ad blocking plugin (Link)

safari ad block 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for Safari

Safari AdBlock, as obvious as the name suggest, blocks ads! Simple to use.

13 – Google Gears (Free)

- More features for Safari (Link)

google gears 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for Safari

Open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser.

14 – Safari Microformats Plugin (Free)

- Microformats Plugin (Link)

safari microformats plugin 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for Safari

The Safari Microformats plugin notifies you when the author of the website has published Microformats and allows you to easily import hCards and hCalendars in Address Book and iCal. This plugin was inspired by the idea and mockup of Jon Hicks.

15 – Click to Flash (Free)

- Blocks Flash Content (Link)

click to flash 11+ Cool and Useful Plugins for Safari

A webkit plugin to automatically block Flash content.


If you have any other plugins that wasn’t mentioned here, please feel free to add!

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