December 22nd, 2009

An Espresso Theme For Coda

Update – Espresso style for Coda 2!

Do you use Coda? But lured by the beautiful color scheme of Espresso? Me too!

I’ve done searching, lots of searching for Espresso like theme for Coda, found one but still doesn’t make me the happiest man.

So I decided to roll my own.

How It Looks

Here’s how it looks:

coda espresso theme An Espresso Theme For Coda

Closer look – CSS colors:

coda espresso theme css An Espresso Theme For Coda

HTML colors:

coda espresso theme html An Espresso Theme For Coda

Download It!

Download the zip file here.

The contents of the zip file are:

1. ActionScript.seestyle
2. CSS.seestyle
3. HTML.seestyle
4. Javascript.seestyle
5. PHP-HTML.seestyle

Install Espresso Mono Fonts

To make it more realistic, install and use Espresso Mono fonts for Coda.

How to get Espresso Mono fonts? If you have Espresso, right click on in your applications folder and navigate to the destination as seen from the screenshot below:

espresso mono fonts An Espresso Theme For Coda

I do not want to upload a copy of the fonts for download because it may violate copyrights and stuff like that.

Important Note

If you eventually decide to roll back to your previous theme, be sure to export your current theme for individual languages before installing.

Hope you enjoy the theme!

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