April 10th, 2010

[Script] Tweet On Any Site (With Multiple Accounts & URL Shortening)

A few days ago, I demonstrated how you can use a bookmarklet to tweet the title and URL of any page right on the site itself.

I programmed this script to solve my own problem of wanting to tweet an interesting article in the fastest way possible. I thought this might be of interest to you too.

Video Demo

What It Can Do

tweet script twitter modal window [Script] Tweet On Any Site (With Multiple Accounts & URL Shortening)
What this script can do is that when you click on the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar, a modal window appears with the title of the site and the URL (shortened with j.mp) automatically inserted into the text field. The modal window is fixed in the center of the screen, so scrolling up or down the page will not affect it’s position.

All you need to do is hit “Submit” to share an article with your followers.

Multiple Accounts

tweet script multiple twitter accounts [Script] Tweet On Any Site (With Multiple Accounts & URL Shortening)Multiple accounts is supported, so you can select an account using the drop down menu to tweet from. This can be configured in the config.php script.

URL Shortening

What you don’t see in this video is URL shortening. But I have programmed it in after receiving some initial feedback. You will need to set your bit.ly or j.mp (it’s the same thing) username and API key in the config.php script.

Character Count

tweet script character count [Script] Tweet On Any Site (With Multiple Accounts & URL Shortening)The character count is displayed at the bottom left of the modal window. If you exceed 140 characters, the character count text will turn red.


tweet script download [Script] Tweet On Any Site (With Multiple Accounts & URL Shortening)You can download the script here:

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://drp.ly/M9laM

You will need to host the script on your own server, the instructions are included in the zip.

With this script, I hope you find sharing articles easier and more enjoyable.

Have fun and let me know if you like it!

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