October 16th, 2010

UPDATE: Google Reader’s Send-To Feature: The Underdog of GReader Tricks

On Wednesday, I posted “Google Reader’s Send-To Feature: The Underdog of GReader Tricks.”

As I mentioned in the post, Licorize created a Google Reader send-to link for their app within a few hours of me asking.

Well, good news to all Gqueues users out there-I asked them Wednesday and they got back to me with a Google Reader Send-To Link:

Name: GQueues

URL: http://www.gqueues.com/newItem/?authKey=YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY&description=${title}&notes=${url}

URL Icon: http://www.gqueues.com/favicon.ico

Replace “YOUR_PRIVATE KEY” in the URL with your Private Key for your Gqueues account.

From there, you’re good to go. Any items created using the “Send-To” option will be sent straight into your Gqueues inbox!

Thanks again to Gqueues!

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