October 12th, 2010

Licorize: FINALLY-A Way to Actually Do Something With All Those Bookmarks

Every once in awhile an app comes along with an idea that makes so much sense, you can’t believe no one thought of it first. Every once in awhile you find yourself using an app that you can’t figure out how you managed to live without. Licorize manages the impossible by being both.

So, What Is Licorize?

Licorize’s aim is to turn bookmarking into essentially a shareable to-do list. Their USP is “a minimalistic and fast to-do manager that you can feed with your bookmarks and web updates-designed for the web worker set.”

Great, So What Exactly Does That Mean?

Think about your day. You check your RSS reader…your Twitter feed…your Facebook…then there are the links people share with you…maybe you subscribe to the LinkedIn Q&A section…

Chances are by the end of the day, you’ve bookmarked 87 things with the promise to read them…or tweet them…or share the links with other people…or maybe one of them was a tutorial that you wanted to try out…or something that you wanted to turn into a task…you get the picture. Anyway, you have all these bookmarks. Sure, they might be tagged with keyword in Delicious or Diigo, but let’s be realistic-if you don’t turn it into an actionable task, you’re probably not going to see those bookmarks again.
Licorize aims to solve that problem by allowing you to conveniently turn those bookmarks into tasks.

How Convenient Is Convenient?

VERY. Licorize offers:

While there isn’t an actual iPhone or Android extension yet, the people behind Licorize at currently working on one.
They’ve pretty much thought of everything.

What Happens When I Try to Licorize a Web Page?

When you Licorize a page, an overlying tab pops up:

licorizing1 Licorize: FINALLY A Way to Actually Do Something With All Those Bookmarks

The URL and the Title of the page are pre-filled in by Licorize-though they are editable. Underneath that, there is space for notes. Moving further down, you can choose what project to file the page under and who to assign it to. The person doesn’t need to have a Licorize account to receive assignments-although if you’re a helpful friend or co-worker, you’re probably going to strongly suggest that they get one. The last line includes a slot for tags-just like how you would tag something in Delicious or Diigo.

But that isn’t the best part of the Licorize pop-up. The best part is that small icon in the upper left hand corner. Click on that and you can categorize EXACTLY why you’re bookmarking that particular page.
Licorize has built in options to choose from that include:
  • To-do
  • Idea
  • Goal
  • Image
  • Note
  • Milestone
  • Reminder
  • Meeting
  • Worklog
  • Effort
  • Cost
  • Budget
  • Contact: person
  • Company
Once again-the people behind Licorize really do think of everything.

Ok, I’ve Licorized a Bunch of Stuff, Now What?

Well, the first step would be to go to the Licorize site and login.

Once you login, the home screen is divided into 2 columns. On the left you have a “chronology” of the posts you Licorized-with the Title, URL, a picture of the web page, what project it belongs to, and any tags you have listed.

On the left you have 4 different sections:
  • Projects-allows you to see what you bookmarked for each project and make any edits to the listed bookmarks or manage you projects listed.
  • Types-Remember the options you can choose from when you bookmark a web page? Here you can view your bookmarks by the options you tagged them as.
  • Tags-Works just like Delicious or Diigo-allows you to search through your bookmarks based on tags.
  • Calendar-This is a nifty feature that I’ve never seen in a bookmark manager before-you can view your bookmarks by date.

In the upper left hand corner, there are a few more options to choose from:

  • Home-This bring you back to your Licorize account’s home base.
  • Workweek-This is one of Licorize’s amazing features-a calendar pops up allowing you to add boomarks to your calendar in a task management form, ensuring that those bookmark related tasks actually get done.
  • Weekly Review-Another one of Licorize’s unique and amazing features-Licorize allows you to review all the things you bookmarked for the week, including what category you bookmarked them under, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • People-This is the Licorize community. There’s also the ability to see who you have sent tasks to through Licorize.
  • Help-Easy access to Licorize’s contact and help information.
Under that there is a link to a list of tools and your setting options.
Your setting options include:
  • Your Profile-including a public gravatar and URL option.
  • Work Settings-allowing you to set up what days and hours you work, along with how many projects to show.
  • Your Booklet-allowing you to create a customizable CSS-styling for your booklet to share.
  • Your Account Information-pretty self-explanatory.
  • Connections-here’s where you can integrate Licorize with Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, an RSS feed, Read It Later, and Skype.
  • Change Password-again, pretty self-explanatory.
  • License-Where you can upgrade or delete your account.

What About my Delicious Bookmarks?

Are there any other Licorize integration options?

Absolutely! Licorize syncs with Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Evernote, and any RSS feed. You can also use it with Skype and Google Maps.

Licorize covers integration in detail on their blog:

Pricing Information:

Good news! Most of the features Licorize offers are available on their free plan. Licorize also offers a Premium plan for $5/month or $49/year.

licorize pricing plan2 Licorize: FINALLY A Way to Actually Do Something With All Those Bookmarks

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with Licorize and life without it seems like a distant nightmare-I highly recommend it for anyone-especially web workers. Do yourself a favor and give Licorize a shot.

For More Information on Licorize:

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